Happy new year! 2020 is gonna be great!

2019 was an amazing year, filled with surprises and new people! The Spooncraft community has grown a bit and continues to show creativity in unique ways!
Being a community server means we also rely on your support to continue. Every year the staff team takes on new challenges to bring a special flair to the mini games, creative plots, and survival multiplayer experience on Spooncraft. Our goal for community support is 450.00 to keep the server open throughout 2020. 

Any purchase of ranks, add-ons, or subscriptions will make a huge difference! Grab the limited edition 2020 Co-Pilot rank while it lasts!

Donor's get some awesome features like:

  • A matching Rank Role on our Discord
  • The Donor role on Discord - unlocks donors only channels
  • multiple /sethome locations 
  • Donor kits
  • /craft crafting table on the go
  • /ec enderchest access anywhere
  • /fly circles around your friends! 
  • More claim blocks
  • XP Levels
  •  Exclusive crates!
  • and MORE!

- [Owner]Spooner